U.s.s. Constitution

Several years ago I won the annual lottery and got to be aboard the Constitution during the annual turn-around cruise.  It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

She was not under sail (we were pushed by tug) but still, to be on that weatherdeck as we cruised up the Charles River was amazing.  It was a thrill for us, but what was also incredible was the number of boats lined up to watch the old girl make her way toward the sea.  It's like everyone in Boston turned out to watch.  There were rowboats, speed boats, $15 million dollar yachts, and every sort of fishing boat you could imagine.

As we passed by a navy pier we could see what looked like the entire crew of an assault carrier on deck and watching our stately journey.  Behind that was a big cruise ship and if you looked closer you could see that every single balcony on the sides of the ship was occupied with people marvelling at the ship.

If you ever get the chance, you need to enter that lottery.  Check out the ship's website for the particulars.  It's not history - it's living history.

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I am sooooo jealous!!!! I am so jealous!!! I have tried for the past ten years to get to be aboard for the turn around...... AWWWW<br />
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So jealous...<br />
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{skulks away...}

Not being American I cannot share your veneration for The Constitution, dare I say it but I have never heard of her. Of interesr maybe the fact that my late fatherwas a member of The Cape Horner Club. The club consisted for those who rounded The Horn completely under sail These were men!!

I enter it, our son wins and picks YOU to go. I guess I understand. The boys love their dad and I am so proud of that!!

That must have been an incredible experience. Congratulations on having been so lucky.

I am insanely jealous, glasgif! The Constitution is a floating museum piece, and a living, working testament to the skill and dedication of the ship-builders of long ago. You were lucky enough to have one of very few original tall ship experiences available on the planet.<br />
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As one who sails as often as he can -not nearly often enough!- and as a reader of Patrick O'Brian's magnificent 20-book "Aubrey-Maturin" series, I would have loved to have been on that weatherdeck with you. I could maybe even have hauled myself up the ratlines to the cross-jacks and taken in the view.