Left On Her Own

I had a day off work, so the wife and I decided to head to the beach early in the morning before it got too hot. We got there at around 8am with nobody around except a few joggers. As usual, we ******** off naked and laid back enjoying the sun.
After a while a couple aged in the 30s came along and walked past us. I watched them as they looked at us. They sat down about 30m away. The guy then undressed so that he was nude. I could see the girl looking in shock and then being amused. The guy had a bare white *** so it must be a new experience for him. I kept watching, and saw the girl removed her top. However, the guys said something to her and unfortunately she put her top back on.
The 2 of them then went for a swim and when they finished, they walked past us again. This time my wife had sat up and was looking at them also. As they walked past, I could hear the girl giggling and saying something about the guys erection. He commented on her looking at me.
The wife and I decided t go for a swim. When we came out of the water, I could see the couple sitting up, watching us.
A little later, the guy got up, and got dressed. After a brief conversation, he left. The girl however stayed and after about 10 mins later, she took her top off and laid back much to my delight. A few minutes later, she got up and went for another swim. As she walked out of the water, she had her bikini in her hand. She was completely nude showing off her very white tanlines and shaven. I no doubt think that she enjoyed it as much as I did. My wife noticed my excitement.
After she dried off, she sat down naked and watched others starting to arrive. Some of which ******** off. Later she put her bikini back on and waited until the guy returned. We watched as he ******** off again and then got up and left.
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Thanks for the story...Gotta love tanlines on a sexy girrrl