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The Sun

The sun is the best tan out there
It is warm makes your skin glow
And feels delicious as it covers your body
I love to lay in the sun for hours.
I'm fortunate that I never ever burn
But just soak up the suns rays and come alive
The golden brown color makes me feel good
Adds a beautiful layer of color and warmth
Delights me when it's yes I love tanning
Jordangirly Jordangirly 36-40, F 3 Responses Nov 23, 2011

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<p>Yep;)<br />
I've never used a tanning bed and I never will. It's the Sun or nothing for me. I'm a totally natural tanner, and totally natural is the only way I ever want to tan. I love to lay out on my roof deck totally nude, and for me that not only means no clothes, but no sunscreens, no oils, and no lotions either. A tall drink, a good book, and my cigarettes are all I want when I'm tanning. <br />
I'm white for the winter now, but that's OK. I can wait. I won't cheat on the Sun. <br />
I've only got another few weeks to wait before I bake myself brown again;)<br />

I agree. I have been tanning for years and every summer, I would get compliments on my tan. talking....doesn't it.....hahaha