Tanning By The Pool:)

Just got back from my workout and running. Now I'm out by the pool in the warm sun tanning my smooth skin. Love how the sun feels on my skin, lightens my mood, warms muscles, and gives my those cute tan lines. What a great day it is going to be.
TanTiffanyAZ TanTiffanyAZ
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5 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Lucky you. Think a little tan line is very sexy. I totally understand how you feel. I love tanning right after the gym and get that warm feeling all over. Happy tanning to you!

Yum Yum!!! I live in a thong during the summer...love showing off!

I'd love to join you both?! Thongs only!???

Of course silly

yes...tanlines please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post some of your tan lines sugar