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....you'll never know how good it can be.  I was introduced to tantric by a very well travelled and adventurous girlfriend in college.  I was nerver a wham bam thank you maam kind of guy, but I didn't always take my time either.  My gf's parents were trust fund hippies who travelled the world and spent quite a bit of time in India, where she claimed she learned the practice.  I'll admit, I didn't buy into it at first, but once I got the idea through my thick, frat boy skull, I really learned a lot about myself and my lover.

All that being said, it's not for everyone.  It can take a lot of time and, as a parent of 2 children, I'm very familiar with how limited time can be.  If you're interested I'd recommend reading up on it.  There are some great resources on the internet. 
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I can't say "I Love Tantric Sex" because I have not YET learned the ways. I am VERY interested in learning because I am definitely into the pleasures of foreplay, the build up and all that goes along with prolonged pleasure and NOT into just rushing towards the "finish" like some kind of a race. For me the final ******, or two or three or....., is just the final result of all the wonderful time spent working up to it. Tantric Sex sounds like that is what is all about. I can't wait!! So now I must start my search for a partner to practice with.

you can make more than tree times ******* for your partner

Awww...I was hoping you'd have a lovely story for us!<br />
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For those of you who are not or are less familiar with the topic, I was referred to this website by an acquaintance a few years ago: www.whitelotuseast.com. Be sure to read all the sections; there's some really good information!

Thank you SO much for web site suggestion. I am VERY interested in learning much more about the practice of Tantric Sex.

have been interested.... would like to have a parter as a teacher....

Ah yes! I have been wanting to try it. There are local classes, but you need a partner. Anybody want to try it?

Normally sex is very much about the beginning (arousal), the middle (some form of penetration or friction on the more sensative areas) and the end (the climax). With tantra, the goal is on focusing your thoughts and breathing to bring you to differnt forms of fulfulliment. ******* are not the goal, as they are in more traditional sex acts, but I have to admit that its not uncommon to have one. Ideally through breathing, touching, meditating and sometimes yoga poses, you will bring yourself to an inner "******" that spreads throughout your body and may last for quite awhile. Once you get the breathing and focus down, you may find you can extend the time of more traditional sex acts.

I have been hearing more and more about the practice of Tantric Sex and I am very intrigued. I guess with the interenet these days it should not be difficult to find enough information. Just like others on here the next step is finding a partner to practice with.

My wife has done a lot of yoga and I have done some. I mentioned Trantric to her a couple times and she is interested. I just wish we could find a good teacher that she feels comfortable with -- perhaps a couple or an East Asian guy -- or, at least, a good video that we could follow along with. Any recommendations for how we might get started would be much appreciated!

I am practicing the same and I can teach you the same

Hi saw ur message it would be really nice if u can teach me or share some knowledge wid me

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I have to google and get some books..now for a partner..tdk?

I am going to get some books also and I will also need a partner to practice with.