Spirits Joining At The Begining Of A Yoni Massage

We sit face to face your tiny legs crossing over my larger ones and then wrapping about my back. My arms keep you close to me as we press so close – closer than lovers as our breathing co-ordinates and you yield ever so slowly to me. I can begin to feel your chest rise and fall in time with mine your hard nipples moving ever so softly against my chest. I can feel your spirit, your essence meeting mine and together they mingle and join with mine drawing energy from me and our lips meet in a long tender and lingering kiss the first of many that will follow as we draw closer and closer still .

You have anticipated this moment for years. Ever since you heard of Yoni massage you wanted this and now at least you have come to me to experience all that your body has to offer. Now your body is responding to all the pent up fantasies you have enjoyed and your literally shake in arousal in my arms unaccountable turned on by nothing more than intense than the feeling of being caressed by the spirit of the naked man holding you. It is a new and unique experience for you as you bask and enjoy this unaccustomed pleasure and sense as much as feel me moving you into position to begin the actually massage your mind already entering into the experience, but there is more so much more you have yet to know …
thomascan thomascan
Feb 9, 2013