A Tapir Story

Don't know why, but maybe its because they are just generally unloved, obscure, off everyone's radar. A quite amusing under-mammal.
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when I was a pre-teen, I recall the newly established "Amazon Jungle" house at the Bronx Zoo (might be inaccurate; it was a steamy, enclosed rendition of the Brazilian jungle or some other dense, tropical zone along the equator). sure enough, a lone tapir poked his head from the vegetation. they are an unusual beast because they're not on your "Top 50" and are not easily discernible. tapirs are not big, strong, fast, carnivorous animals that throw their weight around or howl at the moon. i believe they stay safe through stealth. to humans, their stretched nose and face stand out in a crowd. animals care less for beauty.

fast-forward a dozen years. same steamy pavilion featuring the animals from the jungles of the equator. sure enough, the tapir pops his head out of the underbrush for a sip of water. could it be the same one? did he recognize me as I did him? not likely.

It is possible that you had an encounter with the Great Mystical Platonic Ideal Tapir, the prototypical iconic perfect tapir that defines Tapirness for all time, Tapirical perfection.

I too love them and one day I hope to pet one at the zoo! they look so happy and fun loving and they are sout little beasts which I find very cute.

Well...I have never heard of a tapir before and had to run Google it! They are really cute as babies...

I am joining this group so I can add an avatar to it :-) Of course I have chosen a photo of a baby :-)

Yay!! So glad you joined, we may really get something started here.