Tarja Rules!

I discovered Tarja a little over a year ago when I fell in love with her old band Nightwish. I thought her voice was the icing on the cake in that band, so I was shocked when I heard of her sacking. At first I only saw Tuomas's letter so I thought badly of her, but as I am who I am, I had to have both sides of the story, so I went to her website and read her own open letter (which was much kinder and didn't make any slanderous remarks toward anyone!) and her husband/manager's Q&A regarding the event. I found their response to be honest, fair and clear and felt it was the best thing they could have done in such a position. Since then I've been following Tarja's solo career. I still like Nightwish, but Tarja will always be number one in my book. Her voice is gorgeous, and I can't wait for her solo album to come out!
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2007