alright guys... im getting my next tattoo on saterday night and i need your help...
i cant decide where to put it!!!!!!
i want sometime like a rosary with my sisters name (my sister died of cancer)
and i was gatta put this on my ankle... but im not too  sure any more... cuz in the winter... or when i wear steal toe boots for a job the tattoo is more apt to fade... so im thinking of putting it some where else...

note: some where, where people can see it.. but i could hide it for a job interview and what not... ohh and im not too big on pain... :/

please and thank you... some one help me out there
gangstaredneck gangstaredneck
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4 Responses Mar 29, 2012

Oh, and and far as pain goes, definately the top of the foot and the ribs are the worst. The back of the neck was very easy, the lower part of the calf and the shoulders are also not too painful.

You don't have to worry about your tattoo fading from being covered or rubbed or whatever. The sun is what fades tattoos. I have 9. I have a tattoo on each of my ankles and one goes down over the top of my foot. Two of mine are pretty big, however when I am dressed for work, no one even knows they are there. So get it where ever you will love it most- where ever YOU want to see it and have it seen :)

Winter or being covered by boots does not make a tattoo fade. The sun fades tattoos and time. It also has to do with how well your tattoo was done.

Somewhere On Your Backside Maybe..Or On Your Forearm