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When I first entered this website several months back, I accidently (just my typicalt self) stuck my story under wrong heading. I am not a great fan of tattoos or piercings (except for one in each ear which is fairly common for women). Funny though, I don't wear a lot of jewelry either, Necklace chains are always getting caught in my hair although I love them and I am not one for mult-colored nail polish or even earrings a lot unless I am going somewhere fancy or dressed in a business sort of attire. I have nothing against those who do like them, but for me, I prefer not. A big mistake on my part, but for those who do like tattoos and piercings, I feel everyone is entitled to do what they believe is right for them. I have even seen a few small ones or some done by men in the military I found quite attractive. I guess I just don't like too much of anything. I guess back to the old saying "less is more".   My daughter has a very tiny tattoo (which I was not crazy about when she got it) and it was not properly done as her ex thought about going into business for himself and actually not a bad artist, but he more or less used her as his first attempt. He most definitely needs to stay in the tree busines!  At least it is in a fairly inconspicous place and she regretted afterwards getting it. As I have witnessed, tattoos tend to wrinkle in elderly people when their skin does, and if you have someone's name put on yourself as many have, they might be great for those who stay with that person, then what? I guess I'm more into seeing the natural skin we were all blessed with, although again, for those who like them, they have nothing to do with me and are not offensive in any way. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but I prefer a great piece of art that I can view on my wall or in a museum. Always be yourself no matter what!
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My wife pierced my left ear as a Halloween present about month after we met. I think it was more a present for her. When my hair was long, I used to love wearing feathers and dangly earings that could be seen below my hair. I think most of my joy came from ******* off people as this was back in the early 70s, and for a while, I had the only long hair in my home town. When I cut my hair short to get a job in the credit office of a bank, I started wearing a small diamond stud. One day, as I was waiting in line to take out some money, I noticed that every man in the crowded office had a pierced ear. I took my earing out that night and never wore an earring again.

As for tattoos, they were illegal to get in Massachusetts and I never really had the desire. I see many men with big, worn out, ugly tattoos and I have no desire to get one. I think that small tats are nice and look very sexy on young women and I dont place my values on others, If it turns you on then good for you!

I like some jewelry on women but I have never liked wearing it myself. All I wear is a watch...

I think that is great. Many people are in to tattoos and as far as I am concerned to each their own or live and let live, however, I do not care for them myself. A lot of people don't realize that if you live to be old and your skin sags, so will they. Also many of them are just gross and uinattractive and as far as jewelry goes, I never have worn a lot of it. Earrings get caught in my hair and studs usually bother my ears after a while and usually bracelets and stuff run my hose. I do have some I wear for special occasions. I was new on this site and when I put my first story in, I put it in the wrong category. It was never meant for the tattoo area. It's funny, I forgot all about that. I think I joined around May of this year. Thanks for noticing though as it brings back all the confusion when I first came on this site. LOL

I didn't realize I almost wrote the identical thing above what you wrote. Anyway, have a great evening.

Well, they say that there are no coincidences....I guess that great minds think alike!

hey, if you want to be confused, I'm your guy!

Response to the above two: LOL! (You have a good sense of humor anyway)

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