Express Yourself

I love people with tattoos and piercings. I think that is a great artist way of expressing yourself to the world.  I know that many find it distracting and terrible, but I don't understand that.  Why stifle the creativity and imagination of any person?  It is a wonderful thing to express yourself. 
I find is sexy to have the perfect tattoo or piercing that matches a personality.  It gives off that bad boy/girl image.  I always see someone and want to know the meaning behind the it.  There is always some reason for it........a story that is unique to each person regardless what it is. 
I have 3 tattoos and plan on getting more in the future.  I also would like to get a few piercings.  I have found that now that I am older I can express myself alittle better.  It is amazing to feel so free and opened to life.  I chose to express myself in any way I see fit as I am the one I am trying to please not anyone else.  
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
31-35, F
2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I also have several tattoos also. All but one are above the waist. The only piercings i have are my tongue and ears.

I have two tattoos and both ears r gauged and I mos def plan on getting more tattoos I would like to get my whole back done as one piece next