I Crave Piercings! ...and Tattoos!

When I decided to finally ask my father for snake bites, piercings I really wanted, I was terrified. My father isn't one to be pushed over. Sad part, I never really interacted with my father, we didn't talk much, we didn't see each other much, and that still goes on today. Anyways, I casually asked him for permission and he straight up went into a conversation on how I would become a disgrace to the family if I ever got a piercing. He made me cry really bad. He mentioned that if I was ever to get piercing even when I wasn't in their controll anymore, he basically wouldn't like me anymore. I really don't care though, I'm going to get snake bites, or spider bites. Definetly an eyebrow piercing. I also want a barcode on my wrist, which has a whole meaning to it, and I also want a dream catcher and angel wings. I know Im going to feel guilty afterwards, even though I shouldn't, but my parents, mostly my father, don't give me much to work with. How could I ever show my individuality if they put so many restrictions on me? I just can't wait to be eighteen.
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i know how you feel i am going to be the same way

Im truly sorry youre having such a rough time. My dad was much the same way but at 27 Im the proud owner of three tats and the same number of piercings. When its time to get yours have a blast and dont let anyones opinion be a killjoy. -cheers-