Highly Addictive.

I have two very symbolic tattoos.

Vines going the entire way down my ribcage and onto my hip. And nine stars on my foot. I intend on getting some song lyrics tattooed along the edge of my other foot...

As for piercings, quite a few.

Earlobes, x3

Tragus x2

Industrial on right ear



Nose ((nostril))

Nape ((surface anchor))


Navel (( x 3, One piercing and two surface anchors either side.))


I'll be getting my collar bone anchors very shortly. I'm really addicted to piercing.

beebopINblue beebopINblue
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2008

thanks for sharing- i have 3 tats- getting a 4th in a couple weeks- have had some piercings but my skin doesn't like them very much and i'm prone to infection :(