there are lots of specific tattoos or piercings or styles of them that i dont find attractive, persay, but its the deeply personal nature of the physical commitment thats really appealing.

i might not like what the tattoo is of, but having one adds something to the person - theyre not afraid to suffer a little, they really believe in something or love something enough to show it on their body.

i've been wanting a tattoo since i was 14 or 15, but all my ideas fade and dont apply anymore. it seems, to me at least, that a tattoo should really have meaning to you - shouldnt just be a lily you got at the beach or a shamrock while drunk. thats a waste of money and, usually, of viable space for a GOOD tattoo.

anyway, tattoos aren't just a sign of rebellion and shouldn't be a sign of 'had a good time in such-and-such place' theyre an outward, physical manifestation of a personal thing

GypsySweetheart GypsySweetheart
22-25, F
Jul 19, 2007