Tatts and Plugs

I love tatts on guys (especially the star on the elbow or anything that's ACTUALLY original) and ear plugs, but I don't have any. Sometimes I feel like it's some sort of double standard that I want a guy to be decorated and not me, I just have a belly button ring... so cliche. The only thing that sucks is most guys I see all painted, usually have painted ladies. Are there tattooed guys out there who like their ladies canvas blank?
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

I have tats and plugs and to me it really doesn't matter if my lady has tats i believe it's just a personal choice if they want them or not . The only I want is for them to be okay with mine

It is a personal choice,you are right. :)

I happen to have three tats but my man is a blank canvas...and tho I dont regret my ink its refreshing to see an without it. :)