A Tattoo About Struggling With Depression

Does any one know any good tattoos that are about struggling with depression and hopefully getting rid of it. I love tattoos they are pictures that describe someone

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I'm 18, been struggling and coping with depression and severe anxiety for 2 years (clinically diagnosed anyway). I have decided to get a tattoo, probably written in Arabic because it's absolutely beautiful saying "I do not fear my darker side"
I always found with my depression I feared succumbing to it and losing myself completely in the mental and physical pain of it so this tattoo will remind me not to be afraid of this because it's a part of who I am and I must learn to accept that

I am getting "Supergirl". Just listen to Supergirl by Reamonn- you'll get the idea :)

And then she'd say, “It's okay
I got lost on the way
But I'm a supergirl
And supergirls don't cry”

And then she'd say, “It's alright
I got home late last night
But I'm a supergirl
And supergirls just fly”

I have been dealing with depression for about 8 years now. I was diagnosed in August of 2012 with borderline personality disorder, sever depression, and sever anxiety. The depression has always been noticeable, but an abusive relationship brought fourth the other two. I have many tattoos and was also looking into getting something to represent my overcoming and my current struggle. I was in the Army and had to be separated because of my condition. Which caused one of the most terrifying breakdown I had ever been through. A long time ago I came across a poem written by Maya Angelo called I rise it's about a black women overcoming adversity. I haven't decide yet but when I am ready I will be getting "Still I Rise" the significance is I will not let a diagnoses define me I will not fall short to other peoples thoughts of me. With it I will be getting the mental health awareness ribbon. With all the struggle I have been through, I deserve to stand. And not defined .

I am also looking for tattoo's that are related to depression, because i have always loved tattoos, i only have two at the minute but im wanting sleeves that are all about my family, dreams and my conditions, i have depression and anxiety but also i have insecurity very badly and it really gets to me, so yeah any ideas let me know?thanks x

I was an abused child, my father lost custody of me because of it. I joined the Marine Corp as an escape and lost my leg above the knee while with them. I too suffer from depression and according to my insurance records, I have spent more than three years INPATIENT at psychiatric institutions! Chronic pain had become yet another monkey on my back. I have been doing well for the past couple of years, and believe the turnabout came while watching a woman sing the Jessie J song "Who You Are" on the show X Factor. It can be seen on YouTube. Put those words in a search on YouTube. It's touching, I watch it whenever I need a good cry.
I am also having a few words from the song tattooed tomorrow.
"Don't lose who you are,
in the blur of the stars.
Seeing is deceiving,
dreaming is believing.
It's okay not to be okay."
Hope I've helped!

I'm 16 and I have been struggling with depression for about a year now. I'm adopted from Russia and I don't speak Russian, but I really want to get "завтра больше" tattooed on me when I'm 18. it means "more tomorrow" in Russian. I love it because I always try to cheer myself with things like "tomorrow's a new day" and that's really important to me because it keeps me from doing anything to harm myself.

I have "this too shall pass"....and it will, hope that will bring u some peace in ur head

I was first diagnosed with depression 8 years ago, I am now 20, and my life has been a constant struggle since then. Only recently have I been able to come to terms with myself and find some sort of peace. It might be suprising to know but the universal symbol for peace was originally designed to represent a man who was depressed, it was designed in 1958 but I can't remember his name. It might seem a little trashy or not even remotely related but if you think about it, if it represents a man being depressed it for you meant that you struggled, and if it represents peace it for you means that you've found it. When people as k me why I got that tattoo I tell them because "to the world I am one thing, but to myself I am another". A little hard to explain I guess but its an idea :)

I got "Even if..." With a dove. B/c even if the worst thing I can imagine happens I know I will be okay.

Anything with a fighting theme could work

The Cross. ➕

(I am 16) 3 months ago i was put into a psychiatric hospital for suicidal depression, suicidal 'cutting', 4 suicide notes, and 3 suicide attempts. The thing that always gives me hope and keeps me going is "behind every grey cloud, there's a silver lining"

Hey goes. Im interested in a transition tattoo. A tattoo that sympbolizes from depression to freedom, or depression to completeness/love. I used to have suicidal thoughts because it felt like the only way out but got a hold of a book called "The Healing Codes". It heals the root cause for the feelings of depression. Get it and change your life like I did mine, also healed my asthma since it's connected to a trust issue.

wow Ive just read your comment and my jaw is on the floor....This correlates to me so much its freaky. I came across this site randomly searching for tattoo ideas for overcoming depression. "transition tattoo" like u said. Ive pretty much overcame it but I'll look into The Healing Codes - sounds interesting. What's really crazy is that I too have athsma and a HUGE trust issue with people. What did u do?

I'm suffering from depression too, i want a tattoo that when i look at it, it makes everything ok. I'm thinking about getting 'Here come's the sun..." tattooed on my forearm or my foot. Seeing the light behind the clouds, that the sun is always there. I was also brought up with the Beatles so I feel it's quite fitting :)

i am getting a dove which symbolises peace and harmony within ones self. this dove also mean new life, new beginning, starting again-i chose a dove because of the biblical story noahs arc, after the floods life began again and the dove carrying the olive branch was what symbolised the new beginning. the doves tail will turn into a symbol that to me means new life. after going through a battle with depression i feel that this tattoo will symbolise what i went through and the start to a new and better chapter of my life.

i have 8 tattoos ,and they all mean something ,,, but i just havent found the right one ,i also suffer from a servia case of depression in which i am medicated for ,plus panic attacks ,i feel if i was 2 find the 1 that describes me in whole ,i would feel some wat better and give me the strengh to still b here ,as from suffering from depression not a whole lot of things makes u feel alive ,, if anyone out there knows a sighn ,a frase ,or somethng i would b interested in please let me no.i am a person who has lost and is stil lost in this world,i just need something to holsd on too.thx

I have struggled with deppression and sometimes still do. Defintly get something that is very special as you will have it for life. You could even get quote tattooed. Personally, I recently got the quote "The worst is over now and we can breath again" tattoed on my upper back to represent how you can battle through the worst :)

I was thinking of getting one. There's a lot of Celtic Knot Tattoo's that are unending I thought of that. Maybe a Cross with HOPE under it in a banner. This way if I DO get better with HOPE under it means I HOPE I get better and if I do it will remind me of what I went through and HOPE helped.

i wanted the same tattoo and i started to think about what depression actually is. to me depression is being a bird with broken wings. so i got the tattoo of a sparrow flying up my shoulder. its really beautiful and simple and i love it. the bird is unbroken, flying and free.<br />
<br />
P.S.<br />
the sparrow symbolizes strength

I struggled with deep depression for a long time and have been blissfully hapy for years now, luckily. <br />
I don't forget what it was like and sometimes I feel it come back but only for a second until I breath and recite my now permanant mantra; a small tattoo reading simply, "that was then" along the side arch of my left foot. <br />
<br />
I don't dwell on it and it's not something I constantly turn to for support but it helps me to remember that I am okay NOW. Everything is alright NOW. I'm fine NOW..that was then.<br />
<br />
I can't take credit for the idea though. Justin Vernon, front man of folk group Bon Iver, has it tattooed accross the back of his neck. I had wanted a tattoo for such a long time and never found anything I knew I could ALWAYS have and always be comfortable having. I cried when I found it, out of joy. I love it everyday. <br />
<br />
Maybe one day I won't love it anymore, but hey, that was then, right?<br />
<br />

definitely would go w/ the pheonix said to have five bright colors and sing a five note song a pheonix presence over a burned altar has brought roses to grow through the ashes also signifies good

I am also in the process of designing a tattoo representing my life with depression. It's difficult and I haven't come up with a design that I feel truly represents my thoughts on it. I'm not fighting it anymore. I am coping with it and I realize it will be with me in one way or another for the rest of my life. I think accepting it as a part of who I am - how I was put together - releives some of the daily pain. I am on medication that evens me out and allows me to have "better" days. I know I will never "beat it", but it does not control me as it once did. Trying to put that in some kind of tangible form is not too easy. Once I figure it out and get the ink, I'll post a pic. :-)


Thx Brut! I hope that helps xxxBdxxx...

great answer, Vox!

I actually have one that represents this myself. To me this struggle is of two aspects, a positive aspect (healing/ happiness) Vs. a negative aspect (depression/pain). This has always been a huge issue in my life, so when I thought of how to design my tattoo, I knew it Had to be a Big one.. <br />
<br />
First if I were you, I would think of representations of good, and bad. Maybe the good is a White Tiger, and maybe the bad might be A wicked looking Black Panther.. Now ask the question, "What are these representations doing?" Are they fighting a bloody battle for dominance? Is the bad winning? Is the good winning? If it's not, do you want it too?.. I would make this a representation of your inner struggle, and your True desires for the outcome.. <br />
<br />
If it were me, that That White tiger would be Stomping the Shxt out of that fierce Panther... I would probably use Eastern Asian traditional tattoo style for it. .. & and another thing.. Even if you don't feel like that white tiger is winning.. you can always look in the mirror at a tat like that, and Remember just who it is, that Ultimately controls the outcome.<br />
<br />
Another thing that represents overcoming obstacles to me is change, and rebirth. Rebirth meaning that something has to Die/ be vanquished, for it to be born anew, and fresh.. (Changed). To me all things in nature represent this, especially plants.. Each year the beautiful blooms of plants wither and die.. lay dormant all winter only to bear their beautiful blossoms again, once the warmth has returned.. as it always does..<br />
<br />
Also the tale of the mythic Phoenix may be of help to you in this quest.. This majestic bird lives through life ...a creature of incomparable beauty. As it grows.. it ages.. becomes weak. A shadow of it's former self.., frail, and exhausted it dies, by suddenly bursting into flames, leaving nothing but a pile of it's ashes behind. Tragic as it seems, as time goes on these ashes hold not sorrow, but the gift of new life. As in these ashes lays hidden a tiny egg.. almost ready to hatch, and baby phoenix ready to rise from it's own embers.. This is the cycle of the phoenix, and in it the representation of all natural life, good, bad, regeneration, and the lesson that all states of life are temporary..

a tattoo about overcoming depression

A thought: what about when you aren't depressed anymore, when you get everything you've wanted and you're really happy. Do you still want a tattoo about how your life once sucked?

It\'s not about the fact that you were depressed its about the battle you fought to overcome that depression. It\'s not just \"feeling sad\" it\'s a disease like any other and its a huge accomplishment to fight through it. I myself am overcoming depression right now and am pretty damn proud of myself and anyone else that has the guts to do the same

I don't know about you, or your story, or your experiences. But I know that even while being in a good head space for 2 years, after weening down from 4 meds to 1, after seeing a therapist 3x weekly for 3 years, after being held in the hospital for 4 days, and after clawing my way out of the darkest hole I can imagine....I still feel it. Each day I battle with negative thoughts. Every so often I want to cry for no reason, or just start running and never stop.

My depression tattoos don't remind me of how awful those years were. They reaffirm that I'm still here. That I battled and am battling an invisible intangible monster inside my own head..... And I'm kicking that monster's a$$ everyday. :)