Whats the Point

It'll mess up your body to them... But to you.. If you truly want it, and think you look good with it, then forget them, they aren't you and they will never be you and do not control what you do. See i have 00 gages in each ear, and my lip pierced, I'm working on getting about 16 more piercings by the time I'm 18. and i say if you cant accept me for who I am then what are you to me?

M3t4land1nk M3t4land1nk
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Yup.. you don't like em'.. i don't care :) See.. I have six tattoos and 17 piercings.. but.. I have learned that I do need to cover some things up because of good job opportunities .. which is a bummer.. so all you can see is obviously my ear piercings, my nose, and one tattoo that is behind my ear. Its a shame that I cant get more visible things done because it still isnt appropriate in the money making world but.. hopefully.. one day things will change and we will all be able to express ourselves how ever we see fit :)

wow i totally agree so far i have my lip dont, and ears and i have one tattoo, and im going to get more, and if people dont want to accept me for me then screw thm