I want to get a helix piercing but im afraid of needles and im scared it will hurt... does anyone have it and have an opinion? does it hurt? and is it worth it?
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I love tattoos and much like all things with needles the pain fades and your left with something awesome

Is it the same as cartilage piercing .? I have that . And it didn't hurt that bad honestly. The healing process is very annoying for me though, especially when it comes to sleeping .

yeah its the same as that, how long did yours take to heal?

Like to get my nipples done I'm gay male does it hurt

I got mine. It doesn't hurt at all. My third lobe hurt more then my helix.

I don't know what a helix piercing is and where it goes but i will ask my sis later what it is she has a lot of piercings.

its the one at the top of your ear and thanks (: