Love Tattoos!

I have been fascinated with tattoos since I was in my teens. I got my first one when I was 18 on my left chest a heart with a star in one of the corners, big mistake by the way never drive all over town and settle on the only place with an opening they have an opening for a reason. Then about 8 months later I got it fixed/covered up. It still looks wonky due to the poor work they couldn't fix without making it look terrible. Three months later I got a simple black star on my right foot(before it was cool). Then on my 19th birthday I got it filled in green and added a smaller pink star above it. Five months later, can you tell I'm addicted, I started my back it goes from the bottom of my scapula to the top of my booty on my left and covers about half of my back a geisha with an umbrella unfortunatly I started shaking so bad we had to stop. Five weeks later I got it finished so all in all it took about 4 hours. A year later I got 3 more small stars added to my foot, none of them are the same color. I am currently a broke nursing student and can't wait to graduate and get another. I'm planning a claddagh on my left foot, maybe with the colors of the Irish flag in the heart. I do want to get something else on my back mostly because I loved getting my hips tatted it tickled and I loved it.

Sweetroll88 Sweetroll88
22-25, F
Mar 30, 2010