Ink Is Sexy

Art in motion. Ink says so much about a person. It gives you an indepth view into their soul. I believe that when someone gets thier significants others name tattooed on them that they should never take it off. You cared about that person enough at one point in time to put their name permanatley on your body but yet when you brake up you want it covered up. When your new mate asks you to remove it you do. That says to me that you never really cared at all. Maybe you won't be together with that old partner ever again but you were and it ment something. If your new mate is jealous then get her name bigger someplace else.
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3 Responses Aug 26, 2010

yep. I have a sacred heart on my chest with my daughters name in the ribbon across it..Tamra. I also have a dancing bear on my left ankle, a Pices symbol on my left hip, a batman symbol that was a cover up over some shaudy work on my right hip. I want to get some more but i'm not sure yet. I think an ace duece symbol with the playing cards ace of hearts and a two of hearts with my exboyfriends name under it ..Matty What are yours and where?

I meant letters Woo typoVILLE

I love tats tooi have two Id enver get a persons name on me no way i dont like writting. i think the art and the symbols are flippin awesome but i can never do leter on my body since i am not a book. now anyones property. i dont know why people do that. but to remove a tat thats silly you should know its forever thats the point in tats FOREVER~! i knew it when i was 19 when i got my first tat so i went with a symbol i always had a fondness for an a weird attachment too. the one i got later on was more like a rebel thing but its funny how its so part of my personality. . Do you have tats?