I'm Getting A New One

Now that I'm back, I just want to say that I'll be off all day manana. Tomorrow at noon, I will be at under my buddy's gun, recieving a new tat to start my right sleeve. It will be an egyptian winged scarab beetle placed on my right forearm.... it's gonna be sick, it will be glorious... dare I say... it will be BIT(HIN!

In ancient egypt, it was noticed how the scarab beetle pushed a ball of dung across the earth and was related to the movement of the sun. The god Kephera, which was a scarab beetle, was believed to push the sun across the sky. Also, a beetle woul...d push the ball of dung to it's home, where the female would lay her eggs inside. The eggs would hatch, the larvea would slowly eat their way out and all anybody ever saw of this was a hole in the ground and bunch of beetles almost miraculously crawling from it. For this reason they were also associated with the Creation god Atum.

.... once again... bit(hin...



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7 Responses Jan 24, 2011

Post pix of your tattoo! I love tattoos and have 6 myself :)

BWAHAHAHA!!! :: head nod ::<br />
<br />
Well, there you go!

I was thinking about it many times, and I think maybe in next life I'll be Tony Lee

Thankyou Gnusmas! :) But one thing... why don't you have any ink??? You need to jump on that!!!

I like tattoos but I do not have any. Nice job I like it a lot

right on Shierke! I'm a Thelemite so naturally... it's only appropriate. I also have a wing spread Horus on my left arm, that one I'm doing myself... quite the challenge, but it's almost done. :)

i love scarabs! I imagine your tattoo will be pretty effing sweet! ;-) i have the eye of Horus myself