I only have one tattoo.. But my daughter is wanting me to get another tat .. She wants me to go with her to get one with her but we can't decide on what or where .. My daughter is stationed in VA. Beach. And she is stationed in VA. Beach and she has found a Great Place for us to go to! Guess my question to you is... Any suggestions??? And by the way your Tattoos are Really NICE!!!!!
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I'd be curious to know what you finally decide to get!! Is your daughter in the navy?? I'm asking bc my daughter was going to be stationed in Va. But wound up in tbe great lakes instead!!

My daughter is in the Air Force. She works in the INTEL. But my son is in the Navy and both of children are stationed in VA. as of right now! That is once in a blue moon!! But so Happy! Makes it easy for visiting. My son had been stationed in Japan for 4 years and just tranferred this past month. They are both so happy. They are only 20 minutes apart. My son did his boot camp at Great Lakes. Your daughter needs to be careful in the Great Lakes and follow there rules for protection. But there is ALOT to see while there and you should go and visit her if you get the chance. Nice to visit but not to live. If you need any more information just ask. I will try to anwer if I can. Have a Great Day!!

Oh and p.s. YES top of foot tattooing HURTS!! LOL

I love tattoos,and although the only ones I have so far are only ink dots put on me by a radiologist for radiation therapy,after breast cancer surgery....I am looking forward to getting a few done now,mostly as badges of survivorship and of course to cover a few scars left behind from surgery!! It is just my humble opinion,but I think tattoos should say something about the person wearing them as well as being beautiful works of art......with that being said,I guess the question to you would be,WHAT do you want to say?? Do you and your daughter want to say something about the bond you share?? Once you decide that,then maybe you and she can design your own unique tattoo!! Good luck & thanks for sharing your story!! Hugs to you and your daughter,my new friend!!

So true!! Yes it is a bonding thing for us. I think we have found a tattoo that represents the Mother/Daughter symbolism. But adding a little more flare! LOL!! I wouldn't get tattoos w/o meaning.& Thank You!

So true. And yes in deed about asking questions we always do. We are looking for the bright ink that is out there. It is ablsolutely beautiful and very colorful. It is Awesome! Our problem is (my daughter and myself) that we just don't know where we want to put it on our bodies and not sure about what tattoo we want.. <br />
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She has more than I so has a bit more experience than I.. She wants to do the top of foot. And I am thinking that will be very painful.So that is kind of where I'm at...<br />
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Thank you for the response.