Love Tattoos When They Have Meaning.

In this day and age, especially in my generation it seems like tattoos have really lost their meaning. Now I feel it's all about the "image" tattoos give, rather than the tattoo itself having deep meaning to the individual...Now I'm not referencing everyone here; it's not a generalization but purely an observation I've made especially when it comes to teens & people in their early 20's. I see people walking around with Hello Kitty & diamonds on their chest...& I think to myself "What the **** is going through this persons' head when they got this **** done". Seriously, these sorts of tattoos are simply a billboard to stupidity...most will be regretted in later years. I mean what 40 year old wants to walk around with ****** HELLO KITTY & DIAMONDS ON THEIR CHEST?! I think people seem to forget that tattoos ARE PERMANENT. These people end up getting tatted up with TRENDS/FADS..let me tell you something about fads&trends they GO OUT OF STYLE JUST AS FAST AS THEY CAME INTO STYLE. Guess what? These people end up..years down the line walking around with outdated, tacky, and tasteless garbage that once looked great & now looks ridiculous. I even see posts on Facebook about "recommendations and suggestions on what tattoos they should get". REALLY?! Who in their right minds would ask for recommendations of things to permanently mark on their bodies. SMH! I've also been told that some people use "tattoos" as a way to weave out the idiots and the unintelligent ones...being the ones that have ridiculous BS plastered all over their body..that again might be the hot **** today..& totally utter rubbish the next. Which is true! Also gives me reason to believe they don't think highly of themselves as to they don't see themselves living a long time...because again, who the hell would permanently mark their bodies with that **** thinking that will be in style forever, & they must not take into consideration their FUTURE.

I also think people get misconceptions about people who have tattoos, and some people get inked up for this same reason: That they must be some bad *** for gettin' inked up. I see it all the time. These females thinkin' that if they get their bodies all inked up they'll get the reputation as being a "Bad *****" PLEASE. Same with the males who don't have any street credit within a legitimate gang, organized crime, or a criminal of some sorts...but get tattoos to convey the image that they are indeed some bad *** not to be ****** with. In turn, ignorant people actually believe the bullshit these people get inked on them. I believe the media also has a lot to do with this. People like Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne ("Rappers") who have almost every inch of their skin inked up with nonsense bullshit...and the public actually thinks they are legit gang members when it's been proven time & time again what studio gangsters they are...fakes to put in lamens terms. People need to remember you get respect BY YOUR ACTIONS, not what you look like & not by all the ink you have on your body. Smh.

With that being said, I am definitely a supporter of body modification, body art, and self-expression; when it's used in the right way. When it's used to show honor for a loved one whose has passed, a sign of a right of passage, different feats they've made in their lives, important and monumental changes within their lives, things that they hold near & dear to their heart & hold deep meaning within their lives, and are classy & tasteful.

Missluhvlee Missluhvlee
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I have 3 tattos and each mean something to me. My first was endured so I could take my children with me as I went off to training. The second was to promote luck in my life. The third was a duplicate of my best friends. There is only 1 remaining that I want: to show my love of this country and all it does not only for me but for millions everyday. We are free, and free to express ourselves. I want to show my support for that freedom.