Lovin' The Ink.

Currently I have 2 tattoos. As of next week (my bday ), I'll be getting at least 2 more (small ones ). I think tattoos are sexy IF they are tasteful & have meaning. My 1st tat, when I was 21, is a butterfly w/ a tribal heart behind it, symbolizing my good /bad side. My 2nd tat, when I was 25, is a lil boy angel w/ my son's name tatt'd as a tribute to my son that passed at birth. Now, I want my daughter's name in Korean on my left wrist and a black shamrock on my right wrist symbolizing my kids being black Irish :)
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Tattoos ARE sexy if well done. I think the lower back tattoo is extremely alluring. Sexy. Not trampy. I think ill of the people who call them tramp stamps as if it's a metaphysical fact. As soon as someone says that, my opinion of them plummets.

I also think sleeves and half sleeves can be very sexy. Torso tattoos: sexy. I saw a gal who had a vine with flowers running from about the height of her left breast down her side in toward hernavel Iinside her left hip, and then down beneath the pant line. Very sexy. Of course she was in excellent she and young so that helps.

I like little ankle tattoos, and when a gal has stars or vines that run from her ankle to the top of her foot. However, poorly done tattoos - including the self-inflicted variety - and disjointed tattoos all over the place with no coherence can look pretty bad.

Why didn't you include pics of yours?

I don't know. Guess I hadn't thought of it.