Girls And Tattoos

I only have one paltry little tattoo. It's always covered over with a bracelet. I got it on a whim when I was sixteen and thought myself to be in love... and now, forever and ever and ever, I'm going to have that person's name on my wrist, even though I haven't even seen her for about eight years.

But I'm getting another tattoo soon... something a little more impressive. I haven't made up my mind which tattoo to get yet; I've only decided that I'm getting another one, something unique and meaningful.

I love, love, love seeing tattoos on other people... it's incredibly sexy. I love when a girl puts her arms around you, and you glance down and see little snippets of her life story, as told by her tattoos - delish :)
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Think the important thing is "something unique and meaningful". I believe in well thought out tattoos. I have three, all of which have special meaning for me. Love my body art. One thing that I didn't think about much was being able to see my full back piece, only in a mirror. If I get another, will be where I can see it directly.

I have lilies between my shoulder blades that remind me not to worry from the bible verse about the lilies of the field. I love it. I want more detail to be added later on.

Maybe you could get a coverup over the name?

I've thought about turning it into a barcode or something... I guess *anything* would be preferable to that lasting memorial to teenage folly :o It's about two inches long and half an inch high, very fine, dainty letters - any suggestions for a cover-up?

Well, get something that REALLY means something to you this time, for I'd say get a vague idea of what you'd want on your wrist, then ask your favorite local tattooist for ideas. (: