I Love My Tattoos!

I have 5 of them, each of them i have gotten at a pivotal moment in my life and each of them i continue to grow with. i have a lower back tat that reads "to overcome" in arabic, a kanji tat on my right foot that reads "strength, power and wisdome" so that i may begin each day with those in mind. I have a lady bug with the back as a basketball on my righ cheek lol totally a highschool thing and i played varsity ball. Theres one between my shoulder blades that is of a cucifix, the crescent of islam and the star of david entwined in an infinity symbol to represent my identity, and my latest, my 3/4 length sleeve of elements from the henna i had done on my wedding day...each of them special, uniquely me and i love them!
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Are you Muslim?

Yes, but I truly believe that I wouldn't be who I am without Judaism and Christianity- I consider myself to be a spiritually driven Muslim rather than an organized conservative mosque driven Muslim. If that makes sense. Lol

That does make sense, and that sounds a lot like me. I wouldn't be who I am without Buddhism, so I'm also spiritually driven Muslim! Do you have pictures of your tattoos? I really want to see them!

That's great! Siddartha by Herman Hess Is like my bible lol

I don't have pics on this site. My back tar is really really personal and selfishly I'd like not to share that one. Lol there's a very deep story with that one relation to my uncle who passed. Maybe, eventually ill put up my foot and sleeve maybe my lower back. Lol

I'm really interested in the crescent moon you have on your shoulder blade. Is it both the Christianty cross and the crescent moon?

It does incorporate them, yes

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all rights of passage, wear them with pride and honor.