My New Tattoo

This year I started getting my third tattoo. I have two smaller ones, but this third one is very large. It covers my chest, reaching each of my shoulders, down into my cleavage, and up to my collar bones. I love it so very much. It is a realistic piece of art of the goddess Isis. My first born child is named Isis, and this tattoo is not only in respect to the goddess herself but also an homage to my dear daughter. I have about 20 hours into this piece of work, and about 10 more hours to go before it is finished. I have seen so many people on EP sharing their opinion of their dislike and even disgust in women having tattoos. I just want to say to anyone who does not have the same feelings about tattoos as I do that it the work was never done for you. No one goes through the money and the pain of being tattooed because they are trying to impress someone else. It is a perk when my tattooed are appreciated by others, but at the end of the day this was a choice I made for me and me alone. I see where people say that it is an ignorant decision because when I person is 60+ years old it will look awful. To that statement I say, I do not have the expectation of being some kind of sex kitten at that age anyways. I feel like my hooded eyelids, liver spots, thinning hair, etc will have be fairly out of touch with my body anyways so why should the aging of my tattoo make me feel any differently? I will not merely be another wrinkled body, rather a piece of art, a story, and still interesting. I will be adding new pics to my EP account to show this particular tattoo.
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I think tattoos on women are very sexy, I have seen some cheap ones on girls like my step daughter that are very amatureish and not very sexy, but I love the ones that have thought and meaning to them.

In comment to johnboyk10, I have a feeling that being exposed while getting the tattoo isn't exactly in line with an exhibitionist's or a voyeur's fantasy.
The tattoo artist sees a lot of intimate skin as part of his trade so to him it isn't the thrill it would sound, and standing still for a long time while receiving this kind of pain isn't exactly pleasing even for a masochist.
No, it's a commitment to the future, no matter how wrinkled it will become.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Bet its great watching as you have it done with your breats exposed