I LOVE them! I think they are sexy unless they look like crap or they are WAY to many. My husband has four and I love them! I have one and plan on gettin more!
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This is so sad. The tattoos look trashy, low rent, and classless. Of course, it these adjectives describe you, by all means, go hire that ex-con to ink you up. You'll probably have the best art in your trailer park.

my partner has 14, i have 3 ( one is a full back piece) .. tattoos are awesome, addictive and sexy .. can't wait to have sleeves on both my arms, my thighs covered and maybe a chest piece...

Go for it tattoos are great. I've already got on but I want more. I hope i'm not getting addicted lol.

I love my tattoos, but my husband hates them. I got my 3 little ones while we were on a "break". I wouldn't get them while we're still together. But, once we got back together, he just had to learn to deal with them. If we're ever on a "break" again, I'll get a few more then. ; )

I'm my 11 tatto right now, it's a memorial to my husband who passed! It takes up 2/3 of my back. It's painful but not as painful as the loss.<br />
They are very addicting! I love them and I'll at 13, yeah<br />
right! LOL