I'm not sure where I stand on this one. I kinda like them on one hand and on the other hand I think they're stupid as hell. When I say I like them I mean I like the art I like all art and getting a unique tattoo that represents something about you or your ego is pretty cool IF done properly. However, I hate how trendy they have become. I think a lot of people get tattoos for the tatted look. Women like tattoos because they give you that "bad boy" look. Whatever the reason I can't imagine anything that is THAT important. You can't take it off and that scares me. You are getting your ego branded on your skin its like clothing but you can't ever take it off. I can remember wanting to be tatted up when I was about 18ish thank god I didn't because I remember the things I wanted and they don't represent me now and I'm only 21. Also I like being able to put on a suit and look professional and keep the sleeves rolled up. Although the stigma associated with tattoos is unfair it will always exist. So for now I've decided not to get any maybe when I get older and my career is secured and I have money to get really good tattoo work I'll consider it. But for now I'm just going to wait.
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Tattoos are HOT. Im dyin to get another one

:/ doesnt match my style lol

I love tattoos.. It depends on where you get it.. But ur right get a career 1st then ink your body