A Passion Flower ...

I love tattoo

I have only one by now

Its a lotus tattoo on my left shoulder

The tattoo connects me and my lover

It symbolizes our passionate love

Just like this ...


DollyDiva DollyDiva
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14 Responses Sep 23, 2009

Those tattoos are really excellent. Nice piece of art! Simple but very striking.

I will be wearing it for the rest of my life ...

I love tattooing people and have many myself but not had one done for over 30 years and do not have any desire to have any. yours is very sweet, glad you like it as you will be wearing it for many years to come.

I got it back already by the magic of extension ;-)

So romantic the symbol of yours and b.f love it is very meaningful.I Love it!!!..I too miss your long gorgeous hair it will grow back (looks sexy short too!) xhug Goldi !

No but its very shiny black -- No doubt that I had become so aware of the bug for such a long time after that ,, I promise myself that I will grow my hair long again .. Actually it wouldn't take so long .. My hair grows fast anyway :D

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! you don't have perfect facial feature but feature for long hair is have you!!!!! That must have been traumatic to have a bug in your hair. It didn't bite you did it?

T-T ..... Easy as it was ....<br />
Its so hot & humid here ...<br />
One day when I washed my hair in the shower<br />
<br />
I felt something was movin' in my hair<br />
Its so disgustin' lol<br />
<br />
A bug was in my hair cz it was too long<br />
I went to the barber another day and ask hairdresser to cut it for me<br />
<br />
He said I have a perfect facial structure for short hair<br />
So that was the result ...

That is a wonderful tattoo used to express your love to each other...but, why did you cut your beautiful hair!? Why dear God why????

Tattoos should convey some meanings for the one who wear them.. Its lifetime decision & I wouldnt like it if my tattoos are nonsense

Thxxx *kisses*

so passionate

I love it :)

so beautiful...I like that tatoo:-)