Swiftie For Life!!

I love Taylor Swift. i loved her since i first heard her song Tim McGraw. (i was young then and liked her voice) but as the years progressed, and newer albums came in. i started loving her even more. the lyrics, her voice, it was talent from the start.

my room is poster to poster of Taylor swift. you can't see the colour of my wall on one side because its just all of Taylor. i have the Speak Now blanket hanging on my other wall. i have other stuff (which is also Taylor Swift related).

Taylor changed my life completely. there is not one day i don't mention her. my friends like her (some love her, some just like her). I'm glad because Taylor is an amazing and beautiful role model to look up to. especially around my age because at this age we sometimes go through the "rebel stage" and maybe don't leave that stage. or something bad happens. and to have a role model who makes sense when she talks, doesn't reveal anything, a nice person, cares for her fans, doesn't swear, and her songs are not explicit. they are all around the love section. the section we all need help in sometimes. and Taylor is there for us when we need her. We can all connect to at lease a couple of her songs. i know i can.

...i could make this story go on for a very long time...but i won't because i know if i go into one thing it will take me forever to write this. ill just end it now. :p
LongLiveTaylorSwift LongLiveTaylorSwift
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012