Beyond Obsession

I am a huge fan of her music, her work, hell, I even support her multiple boyfriends!! The first song I heard by her was "You Belong With Me", and then "Back to December", back when she was the top of the list every time, every where. Since then she was tucked into the back of my mind, as I was not a musical person then.
But after her Speak Now World Tour, she released the LIVE CD. I saw her name and her face, recognised them both, and immediately bought the CD. For two years I played that CD over and over again, her songs becoming my bedtime lullabies, my good morning wake-up call, my go-to selection when I was feeling down, or exceptionally happy. I bought the rest of her CDs and began obsessively searching YouKu (in China we didn't have YouTube) for her videos, writing comments like, "Taylor Swift is awesome!" and such, writing mean replies to those who wrote bad comments about her.
There were so many rumours circulating about her, so much gossip. I spent tens of dollars buying magazines with her in them, influenced many of my friends (actually, the whole SCHOOL!) into becoming a fan of her music. And when "Red" came out, a lot of my friends were disappointed. Not only the, but hundreds of people on the internet saying that they wished she hadn't done this, or that, saying that she shouldn't have straightened her hair or changed her style of music, but I continued to say, "She's my idol, and she always will be." When her songs got hate, I would counter them.
I get totally excited if her songs are played, or her face is on a magazine/wall/screen. (Most Swifties are!!) She taught me to be kind, and hopefully everyone who knows her personally/not-personally will get it too.
I personally have never been to her concerts, but I hope to go eventually. For now, I will settle for just listening to her CDs and making sure there is no hate around me!!
HieraAthena HieraAthena
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013