Just Love Her And Her Songs Too!

Taylor Swift rocks!


She is so beautiful!!


Her songs mean to a lot to me.Just listening to her voice in my headsets make me feel comfortable and relaxed.I have heard each song of hers more than 1000 times!


Her humility is inspiring.


What a singer! What a writer!


Honestly somehow her songs found a place in my laptop and I started hearing everyday because I loved them.I never knew the singer or the writer for more than a month.



But when I sae her first time, I was awestruck by her beauty.I could not take away my eyes for a long time.




When talent and beauty are together in one place then .....




I know I am just another guy in her long list of fans but still......



I will always pray for a her well being and wish her a great life

maskedmenace maskedmenace
22-25, M
2 Responses Apr 10, 2010

she is HOT HOT HOT HOT . ******* HOT . ***** hot !

thats nice, true some of her songs are really good, like the lyrics are good