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Tea Time

I too am an avid fan of teas. I love to try different herbals, and Rasberry Zinger and good ol' fashion green tea are among my favs. One of my ex b.friends, who was an over- the- road truck driver, brought an Oriental feller to my house one weekend. This man brought his own meals which were prepared foods of the Orient design, packaged by his wife. He was shocked and forever thanking me for my cabinet full of herbal teas! In his home they live on noodles, rice, and green tea. There could be something said for this. He was in his mid-50's, and didn't look a day over 30!  I'm sure most of this was heredity, but he liked to smile and say in his cute Jackie Chan acsent, " It's the tea!"            There are theraputic values in tea also. Hot tea w/ lemon or honey are wonders for a sore throat or cold. I also found this out by accident: If you burn your hand, shove it in your glass of ice tea! It seems to draw the heat out quicker! And my all- time fav. use, which was my introduction to tea at 2 months old: For a colic baby fill bottle w/ tea and pour half a cap full of rum, whiskey, ect. in it to calm baby! And make them sleep! Just don't do what my family did, and give the kid a double dose on accident! Yeah, I slept for 4 hours on that accident!!
emerald emerald 36-40, F 7 Responses Oct 24, 2006

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I Love Red Zinger! you should also try ginger peach. actually anything with ginger is a great anti-oxidant. sometimes i go on tea cleanses for a few weeks.. just green tea, and my skin just glows from the inside out !

I drink tea all the time, anytime, every flavor, everywhere... Yup.... I think that sums it up.

well i love pepper mint herbal teal with green tea together with a shot of honey as well and 1 spoon of sugar, i gotta get on the lemon more. by the way emeralds are beautiful, i like the name too!

yea. its a cool drink wtih loads of health benefits. but its also dangerous. i get ma black tea directly from our local tea factory- very aromatic and nice scent. but too much of it causes hyper acidity n ulcers.<br />
take it moderately FOR LIFE

What kind of tea sets do you use?<br />
I tried the fine porcelain tea sets and zisha tea sets from China and found it is very good for tea drinking, making tea with original fragrance and taste.<br />
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I'm sure you can find one for yourself. :)

i grew up on the tea 'bottle' too ... strep throat? hot tottie would soothe it! (hot tottie = hot tea, lemon juice, squirt of honey and a shot of whiskey) ... ;-)

Gotta love those antioxidants!