The Universal Panacea

Tiredness, Weariness and Exhaustion
        Stress, Strain and Suffering
              one dose dissolves
        Fear, Panic and Trepidation

             Price 1s/2d per box

      copied from the side of a mug
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5 Responses Nov 13, 2011

Nice, there is a tea for all situations and moods.

Tea is wonderful and when I feel a need for "comfort" I brew a small pot of green tea or decaf constant comment and "ENJOY" it for a while...awwwwwwwwwwww

So, that's how the Empire came about. I always wondered.

Yes, it's a historical fact Q.

Personally I dont think tea had anything to do with that. Its a malicious rumour put about to discredit a perfectly harmless drink by insinuating it has been involved in warmongering.

And let's not forget invading and marauding. But people! we bring you...tea!

avatarunknown is OBVIOUSLY English ... only an English person would extol the virtues of tea in such a way ... it's a universal cure-all ... lol ... the empire was built on it.

you had better read my other story about tea, it in I am not high maintainence

I have been known to say "I think we need tea" and "Perhaps some tea would help." and "Tea will make you feel better." and "Tea will make me feel better."<br />
and, <br />
it will settle your stomach<br />
it will calm you down<br />
it will help you sleep<br />
it will do the trick<br />
it will reduce the pain<br />
...and I believe every word I say because I know it is all true. I don't lie.<br />
(Ps--I have been really sick over the past couple of days. I am better today. It's the tea.)