Leaf Picking And Tea Sipping

When I lived in the Dominican Republic buying tea bags was just too expensive. There were other important things we needed to buy but we didn't want to go without my cup of tea, so we would go out to the back yards (ours and our neighbors) and pick leaves (Mango leaves, Mint leaves, Linden tea leaves), flowers (Chamomile), or roots (Ginger) and make our own tea. One big ol' pot which we reheated every time we wanted to sip tea. The longer it sat on the stove the stronger the tea would get and the stronger and better the taste. We would make ll kinds of mixture of leaves and they would always taste delicious.
Bethsalomon Bethsalomon
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2012

Well.... That was a while back but it was nice :)

Oh I love to make my own mixes of tea. Your constantly brewed tea seems so delicious and full of spirit and joy. I cannot keep a tea brewing on the stove-top like that for economic and environmental resources. I just keep topping up my pot, but I like the sound of your method better.