Yes, I Love Tea

I really love Jasmine. It's my absolute favorite. My next favorites are earl grey, oolong, green, and plain old black English breakfast tea. I love tea! <3
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Earl Grey is so delicious

It was the first time I had it and I will definitely have it again, Have you ever had 7 berry sangria tea?

No, but that sounds like it would have a nice flavor. Berries. Mmmmm. :)

It does I have some, there is a place around where I live called teavana and they have a ton of tea selections

Shame I don't have a teavana where I live. Because of this, I tend to grow my own tea leaves. ^-^

That would be fun, I have never thought of that, I wonder how it would work, it would be cool to try

Yes. I have green tea leaves in my garden. I wish I had the effort and time to grow more than that, but I don't. Besides, I have to keep those tomatoes and elderberries nice and beautiful. :3

Haha true, so do you just grow tea leaves the same as anything else or do they need special care

Same as anything else.

Cool cool, sounds like a good idea to try if you have time but if not there are always stores to buy tea from

No. You can't buy it from just ANY store. The best you could get at a store are bagged tea. I personally prefer leaves over bags.

Oh gotcha sorry dont kill me take a deep breathe

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Really nice selection of teas, I had a mandarin dulce tea the other day and it was really tasty

Mandarin dulce is a good choice. ^-^