A Revelation

I just started drinking green tea about a week ago. The first couple of cup were just not good for me. I have always been a coffee drinker, and I think back to the first time I had coffee. I was the same way then. A week later, I love the stuff.

I am hoping with the additional beverage, I will be able to cut down on Coke Zero consumption, by replacement. I feel like it is more natural, and I guess it is supposed to be healthy. That is what I read anyway.

I drink it the same way I drink my coffee: plain. Nothing added. It is great.

**I currently drink Lipton's Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. If anyone has recommendations, please comment or send me a message.
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2 Responses Jul 3, 2012

There is alot of green teas out there. Can you get to a specialist tea shop? They can show you a wide range of Chinese and Japanese green teas. Also, White tea (not with milk) is great too.

I will look for one in my area. Thank you for the tip.

I like green tea too I used to drink about 10+ cups a day and it made my skin so clear and shiny.I think some nice flavours are vanilla flavoured green tea,Tetleys honey green tea,Lemon green tea,there is pack of fruity green tea i got it in Pound stretcher quite cheap and they sell it in Holland and Barrett and probably other shops too,and they had flavours such as orange,raspberry,lavender all in one packet.