I Love Ginger Tea

Not only do I find the taste to be warm and delicious, it is also very medicinal for me. I have found that it can relieve nausea, cramps and reflux better than anything else I have tried. its also an anti-inflammatory and very helpful for arthritis and muscle tension. I drink 3-5 stout cups a day.
mellowmeadow mellowmeadow
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 3, 2012

I love Ginger tea! It is very soothing going down, and soothing to my stomach. I also love the taste:) Sometimes I add a little lemon juice. What brand of ginger tea do you drink? I buy the one from Whole Foods (organic ginger tea). They also have an "organic ginger aid." I'm not sure what the difference is. Thanks for sharing that information about drinking 2-5 cups a day. I've only been drinking one cup a day, so I know I'll see more benefits if I drink at least 2 cups a day.

I will have the try ginger tea. Thanks for sharing!