A Family Tradition

I was trained to love tea by my Grandmother. She used to pour some into my cup of milk to "socialise" me! She drank at least seven cups a day, and didn't believe in tea bags, she used leaf tea, either Australian "Billy" tea or China tea. She lived in the bush and used to take me for picnics there where we lit a fire and boiled the billy and ate sandwiches while we made a billy of tea.

My family read tea leaves too. My mother did it, my Grandmother taught me to do it and her Mother used to do it too. I have done it professionally, but now prefer to only do it for fun with my daughter. It's a nice nostalgic feeling.

I probably have four teas a day, and I mostly use leaf tea. My all time favourite is Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold tea, but they also do a great Irish Breakfast. Mostly I put milk in my tea, but I love Russian Caravan served black with home made jam on the side. I also sometimes make traditional Indian chai made with fresh green ginger, green cardamon pods pounded and whole cloves and cinnamon stick with tea infused in milk, served with sugar.

I am a barista and can make a good espresso, but I can't drink much coffee without getting sick of it. Tea has so much more psychological value to me.
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Hello Handed, what a lovely tea-y post :-D. 'Billy' tea and sandwiches sounds great. So does the Harrogate tea. Our family used to read tea leaves too - many years ago.
That recipe for Indian chai sounds interesting, I must try it sometime, I'm sure I've got those ingredients in...