Using Tea To Make Tea Cookies

Every few weeks or so I make some green or oolong tea. After making the tea I grind up the leftover soggy mess and add it to a shortbread cookie recipe. It tastes sooo good. I started trying this when a friend of mine said that some tea places in Japan grind up tea and add it to their cookies in their shops.  I eat the cookies with coffee or tea over the next several weeks. Fantastic!

I recommend that you add the tea goodness when it's still a little wet and not dry because the texture is better in the cookie.

Hope you can enjoy this delicious treat as well!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing. How much tea do you use?

Thanks :)

What a lovely idea.
I also drink brewed cocoa beans; you brew them up just like coffee. Then you can use the left over grind in the same way, to add to cookies, cakes, & yogurt.

Thanks for sharing. I have never thought of that