Exmormon Drinks Caffeine

My favorite tea right now is Egyptian black licorice tea...I know it sounds weird but tastes and smells good. Otherwise a good red rose tea does the trick.
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Why ex mormon?

The Mormon Church has a vast history of abuse and coverups, one of which was the massacre of innocent emigrants in Mountain Meadows in 1857. Over 150 Arkansans, on their way to California, were murdered. The Mormon Church, under the direction of Brigham Young, claimed Indians committed this atrocity, but every historian I've read asserts that Mormons must have been responsible. I have written a novel about this event called A Mormon Massacre, and I would be happy to send any one who is interested in reading or reviewing it a free copy. Just msg me here. Thanks, Joe.

Interesting, I happen to know the atrocity continues, as well as cover ups. Along with sick perverted temple rituals. All of which other than the child molestations I can't prove.