My Love For Tea

My Love for Yin Zhen White Tea…

My love for tea began as a young child. It was tea and tea alone that brought me relief when I was sick with a cold or flu. Was it the tea or my loving Mother’s care in preparing it? Was it the super antioxidants that warded off my sickness or was it the tranquility and love behind the tea, or both?

My love affair with tea grew stronger and stronger over the years as an afternoon sanctuary and pick me up. Also found such a great joy in making tea for others, my servitude with tea was a most wonderful feeling. Seeing others go “Um, that’s good….what is that? It is tea… real tea made special. And I made I for you…enjoy! So I became the tea guy.

Fast forwarding to today and the purpose of sharing the information in this book with you. Through both my love for tea and my desire for better health I stumbled across something remarkable, something amazing. An ancient secret once reserved for emperors and kings… White Tea! Not just any white tea…Yin Zhen…The Tea of Teas. The rarest, most expensive, healthiest, and by far the most delicious tea on Earth. It is my pleasure to share with you this sacred secret of the Yin Zhen. May you cherish as I do and share it with those you love.

My feelings for white tea…
At first cup it didn’t hit me, it was good and all but where is it? Us westerners are so use to being hit hard in the palate with extreme flavors that the sublime ecstasy of the white tea just passed right under me. The second cup was about the same, I liked it a lot but that was it. Then there was the third cup, oh my, It hit me like a kiss on a first date, gentle, sensual, unforgettable. Now I got it, the emperor’s tea. I was love struck by the tea of the ancients. It is this love that I feel so honored to share with you, my dear customer.

Written with a cup of Yin Zhen White Tea by my side. Each cup being such a privilege to drink. My website is
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Dec 7, 2012