Yes !

I'm English and, as such, we adore tea! It's in our DNA!

Some Yorkshire Tea, strongly brewed....splash of milk?

Can't be beaten!

Refreshing on a warm day....warming on a cold today!

Wish I had a cuppa tea now....


Amber xx
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Wind....Taylors is a good, trad brand....but check out any UK orientated shops....

Yeah....same here with a cup of tea...


Amber xx

Totally agree with you Amber x

New to me! Seems that it is available here in the Virginia wilderness, though. Taylors of Harrowgate is a good brand?

There's no one morning I left the house without a cuppa tea, agree with ya:)

Tastes lovely!

Yeah, every 1000m above sea level water boils 1 degree less...pretty cool,eh?

The fascinating thing about tea, I found from watching a tv show on it, is that each region /in the UK, anyways!) is specifically designed to have their own 'blend' of tea that, together with that area's water, makes the perfect drink....

Which is why....if you take your tea bags on holiday, like from Derbyshire, England to Inverness, Scotland it really doesn't taste the same....

Strange, eh?


Amber xx

My Gran used to make the best tea ever. Loose tea, kept in the pantry (she never had a fridge). Bottle of milk on the cold stone floor. The smell of the tea when you walked into the pantry was fantastic, mixed with the smell of home baked bread. We would sit in the back room, huddled round the coal fire, waiting for the familiar whistle of the kettle. She'd warm the pot, one spoon per person, one for the pot. Fill up the milk jug. On with the tea cosy. Some rich tea biscuits, along with Jacobs Fig rolls, or perhaps some toasted crumpets if we were in for a treat. Couple the build up with the warmth and smell of a coal fire when it was finally brewed up and served. Lovely. She used a tea strainer, but there were always a few leaves in the bottom. Would you like another cup? I'll put a bit more water in. Shall we have another brew? Mmm Yes Grandma.

With milk of course. Have tried it with lemon juice, nice, but nothing like the same. And the right water makes a difference too. Also, if you are up a mountain, there is the problem of the water boiling before it is hot enough due to lower air pressure. Plus the milk can be a bit too creamy if it is straight from the cow unpasturised. Then there is the tea of course. How easy it used to be to make a cuppa in blighty.