My Moods Of Tea.

Island Spice is my favorite.
I'm a fan of Green tea & Oolong tea; they make me feel healthy.
Strawberry tea makes me smile.
Chamomile tea makes me comfy.
Orange Spice tea makes me energetic.
Earl Grey tea makes me sad.
Crappy tea makes me angry.
BlackDaisee BlackDaisee
18-21, F
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When I drink orange spice i feel a sense of love. Chrysanthemum tea makes me feel tranquil. Chamomile makes me balanced. Earl grey makes me nice. And Chai makes me sexy!

You are well rounded in your sense of tee ^_^

Well thank you. I've actually been searching for a new tea, any recommendations?

Ohm, there was this really sweet rose petal one I tried..but that probably isn't new, I'm still learning myself lol

Same here. I didn't know it could get this difficult

Haha, we are in a dilemma of tea.

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I like tulsi tea from India. I especially like the Gotu Kola.

Ooh what does that taste like?

Its a combination of three types of Basil and its also slightly minty.

I'm guessing it has a refreshing effect then?

Oh yes-I live in a very dry climate and it helps to keep me feeling hydrated. Is also a stress reducer and if you believe in alternative medicine it is said to balance all three chakras and is the one of the few things that can do that.

Wow, sounds amazing :D

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