A Co-worker Loved My Tea

Last week,I gave some dry black tea leaves from Africa to a co-worker.It was the best quality tea,meant for export.I instructed her on how to make it.She went home and did as I had told her.
A couple of days after she did that,I ran into her while she was leaving work and she praised the tea endlessly.She told me that she was drinking it while thinking of me.I was so thrilled.Before giving her the tea,I had noticed that she had started paying close attention to me and even offered me a taste of Nestle Kit Kat(Tokyo Rum Raisin) from Japan.She is older and kind,maybe I should ask her out:)
manomine manomine
46-50, M
4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

That gift of tea let to a gift of amazing sex on saturday night:)

i like the african teas as well

you have very good taste and class:)

We have a date this saturday:)

that's so sweet