I Love Green Tea, Iced Tea, Wh...

I love green tea, iced tea, white tea, black tea, mango tea, oolong tea, hibiscus tea, chai tea, shrimp tea.... 
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14 Responses Jun 29, 2007

LOL....shrimp and sea monkey brew....yummmmm

Add sea monkeys to hot water, let steep, you have shrimp tea.

yeah...maybe a shrimp soup served in a tea cup? served with crackers?

*LOL*<br />
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hrmmm... it would probably be a bit fishy though ;-)

Maybe you will be the first to make shrimp tea...it could catch on you never know!!

ahh... <br />
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silly me- not up on my movie trivia<br />
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im a tea nut though so i thought i was missing stuff ;-)

Maybe you haven't seen the movie Forrest Gump. It has a part where one of the characters lists about 30 different ways to make shrimp. I was just making reference to that...maybe there is shrimp tea out there, who knows?

I've never had shrimp tea- does it taste shrimpy??? or more like tea...<br />
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that's an interesting concept.

Do you mean grow it and dry it out and then boil it??? Of course I have!!! (not really)...Actually I have come to think of it...I grow lemon balm and it makes a wonderful relaxing lemony tea...it's supposed to be really good for you too...also grew holy basil and it made great hot tea.

have you ever made your own tea

Yeah, you got it NAT!!!!

Shrimp tea, shrimp kebobs, shrimp gumbo, lemon shrimp, fried shrimp... :)

Here in Florida it had better be sweet tea! I do the tea thing but prefer my Cafe con Leche!

raspberry tea? sweet tea or unsweetened tea? or both? hehe