Oh my goodness, am I ever addicted to hot tea!  I drink it like it is going out of style!  I drink it in my BIG cup ALL day long...I use all kinds of tea, I even have some loose tea that I got in Germany, I use it sparingly though, as it was hard to come by.  I love one green tea bag with one regular lipton tea bag in my tea cup...sooooo yummy.  I add a splash of light soymilk (less calories than reg. milk) and 3 splenda packets (my cup is THAT big)!  Oh how I LOVE my tea!!!
Jynx Jynx
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Love the green tea and Lipton's not so bad. And yeah a splash of milk or splenda goes a long way.

i'm not a big coffee guy or tea guy,but if i had to choose it would be tea definately. My wife works at tim hortons so she could pretty much get any tea available. I like that you think healthy that's taking care of your body wonderfully. Lemon tea and fruity teas i like alot. If i really had to choose a drink it would be water all the way. :)