I Love Honest Tea!

 I LOVE TEA. I love it fresh brewed.  I love chamomile.  I love peppermint.  Pretty much any flavor, I am there.  Don't even get me started on Iced Tea, Sun Tea, and Sweet Tea... we will be here all day.  I could write epic poems... and probably will, just not right now.

I gotta focus... I have tried a lot of teas out there... but there is one that stands out.  Have you tried HONEST TEA?  I think I might be addicted. Maybe I'm just a sucker for tea, but this stuff rocks!  I am not necessarily all about organic and raw foods or anything like that.  I mean, I eat hotdogs and nachos when I am at the ball game, so what does that tell you.  But this company and product are something that I am PROUD to stand behind.  It's 100% natural.  It tastes great.  It is just slightly sweet — the way I like it (but you can also get it completely unsweetened, which I get for my wife).

But I did a little research as well and outside of making delicious flavors of tea, Honest Tea strives to be a "good, green company" and holds their business to a higher standard. Honest Tea emphasizes responsibility, authenticity, integrity and purity.... Something RARE in the business world today. 

The Honest Tea Mission Statement states it perfectly -- "Honest Tea creates and promotes delicious, truly healthy, organic beverages. We strive to grow with the same honesty we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all."

Is it cheesy to say they are TEA-rrific?  If so, I don't care.  I love me some HONEST TEA.

P.S. My favorite flavor is Black Forest Berry.  I don't know if its because of the real sugar cane or the mix of blueberries and raspberries, but whatever the case that's my flavor.  What's yours?

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Unsweet tea & black coffee here. & water with lemon. My only drink of choice

I suffer from levator ani syndrome, so I am looking for anything that helps me relax. This is a pain disorder that is caused by stress in my case, and turns into pelvic floor spasms.

Ordering tea in Pakistan
Me: waiter get me a cup of tea
Waiter: yes sir!
Ordering tea around the world
Me: waiter get me a cup of tea?
Waiter: which one sir, we have sweet tea, ice tea, green tea, sun tea ets

Peppermint definitely is the bee's knees! Of course I am just a sucker for mint ...

I also have to say that if your in to making large pots of iced tea at a time that China Mist tea is also usually pretty awesome right? Or am I just going out on a limb saying that - You can't just leave me thinking its awesome if its not! What if I get in a tea related life or death situation!

Honest tea is good for a bottled tea. Unsweetened for me, but in my opinion nothing can beat making your own using various loose leaf teas.

I loved your story and have to say that when I first met my hubby it was over a bottle of honest tea! He would always drink it and I would always ask if it made him honest! Teasing of course. His fave was Laurie's Lemon unsweet which we can't find any more. I like the tad sweet. I tried the whit jasmine, yuck! And I have had lemon, that one that's african or indian I forget the name, and the fruity one I think the one you were talking about, and that was good. We love honest tea but don't buy as often sinc some have gone plastic:(

I'm a fan of anything from Teavanna and Tazo =) but reading this makes me want to go out and try Honest tea. If I ever see it, I'll definitely get some.

I love tea too! <br />
Honest tea however I didn't not like. in fact I don't like more bottled teas except Arizona teas (in bottle or can some times the bottle is better) but I do have to agree that soda fountian tea is not that good T_T

I used to drink green tea. <br />
Do you know that tea contains tannin?<br />
Now, I switch to rooibos from South Africa.<br />
Anyway, the best tasting and aromatic is Earl Grey tea!!

I am such a tea lover....and thought I had tried them all. Well I best get to the store and try Honest Tea. It sound very delicious. I like green tea, peppermint, Chamomile, jasmin and my fav lemon tea.

Honest Tea is not tea. It is syrup based extracts that were "brewed" weeks if not months before being made available for purchase. It is sugary c-r-a-p for cow-mouthed Americans that eat too much sugar as is.<br />
<br />
Honest Tea is also not a "good, green company" since they COULD be selling ACTUAL TEA which weighs next to nothing INSTEAD of using thousands of gallons of gasoline to truck their heavy-bottled products to every damn grocery store, gas station, and minimart in the contiguous 48 states. Don't be greenwashed by old business models posing as "green" because they use "all organic ingredients". It's a cop out when they could be in the right kind of business which would be selling just tea, not old-tea-in-shipped-water.

I love tea. i grew up in britain so there is no way i couldnt XD <br />
strong black tea no sugar.<br />
jasmin tea is entertaining to make.<br />
earl grey is over estimated.<br />
and fruit tea is nice in the summer.<br />
tea with honey in winter please XD

I love any kind of tea!

It would be worth a try, but can you buy it in Canada? I've never seen it anywhere.

I love this tea. I make soap and often use the green tea as part of my water. CHamomile works great too.

over here they have honest tea, but in canada they have dishonest tea............lol,lol

Oooo, spam-don't cha love it! I've got to wonder how much 'Honest' Tea is paying you goldenmoments. <br />
<br />
No seriously, tea is good. Get your hands on some South African Rooibos for awesome taste, no caffeine and loads of supposed health benefits- I just love it cause it makes me feel warm on the inside. And Chai. Love Chai.

I love the Honest drinks!! My favorite is Orange Mango! I think the Peach White Tea is good too! And I usually don't care for tea. I first came across the Honest drinks when I went to California early this spring. I had one practically everyday! When I returned to my home state a week later, I was devasted because I couldn't find any! When they came out in my home state, I was elated!

Oh, dear, Beemer!<br />
That is groan-inducing!

Oh, dear, Beemer!<br />
That is groan-inducing!

Oh, dear, Beemer!<br />
That is groan-inducing!

Oh, dear, Beemer!<br />
That is groan-inducing!

I'm not a tea snob, but really ... I only like black tea(s), flavored is fine, but for now it's gotta be black.<br />
<br />
Are green or herbal something you grow into?

I'm a tea addict, too!<br />
<br />
I can't stand chammomile, though; it tastes VILE!<br />
<br />
Strictly speaking, chammomile , or anything made from herbs and/or fruits, arent tea; they're infusions.<br />
But that's just me being pedantic!<br />
<br />
I love good, strong tea, very little milk and definitely no sugar.

I like the berry flavors.<br />
<br />
It is summer where I live and I don't have a good window to make my own suntea which is how I grew up - my mom used to make a new batch almost every other day in the summer.<br />
<br />
Since I live in the city now, I have to go to the convenience route and I pick up a good few bottles of Honest Tea and head up to the roofdeck at my place. It definitely isn't my mom's tea, but it does bring back memories and it makes for a great day in the sun.<br />
<br />
In fact... it was me and a few bottles of Honest Tea this last Saturday.

Thank you for all the comments! Yeah, I love Honest Tea... check it out, sometime. Akaskye -- you should be able to find it at your nearest grocery store. It's pretty well distributed.

i have tried it and i love it. can someone help me with the details of this honest tea challenge? if you can please email me at skyegagliano@yahoo.com

I love Green tea and black tea!

I love Green tea (especially mint or peach-flavored), but I like black tea as well. Red Zinger is also a big favorite of mine, with its reddish color and zingy flavor.

hot chinese raspberry tea...the best ive ever had! only sold in asian stores...even there it is hard to find...at least from my experience

i always find that black or green tea are always great but i haven't tired Honest Tea . I don't know if it's available in Australia yet .

I'm a green tea fanatic. I drink about three or four huge cups a day.

I also love tea

I havent heard of Honest tea. But your story certainly makes me want to try it! <br />
I love hot tea anytime of the day or night :)..<br />
<br />
Sounds great !

I havent tried it either-but will look for it-thanks!

I love Tea as well...Never heard of it but now I will search it out. Thanks can't wait to try it ;)

good 4 u! tea sux

l haven't tried that brand but drink a lot of tea. l will look for it. l loved your story.

Coming from a real tea fanatic... One thing I can't stand is the iced tea that comes out of the soda fountain. Nothing is worse than ordering an iced tea at a restaurant and going in for a big refreshing gulp and ending up so disappointed. I really love regular tea... just a tad sweet. I once had the experience I described and thought it was tea.. not soda fountain tea and so I added a dash of sweetner to it... disaster... it was like the worst syrupy substance I have ever encountered.<br />
<br />
I do like Honest Tea... but only the flavors that are a tad sweet, because they are exactly that. The regular ones, unsweetened, are too bold for me. I am not that strong. ;) I really like the honey green tea... but I think that is because I am a sucker for anything that makes use of honey.

I'm glad to know there's such a product out there because I hate when my tea lies to me! I'm gonna have to try some of that :)

I have not tried any from that brand yet, but the next time I go to the store, I will look for it! Sounds wonderful.

Let's see... buy an ounce of a substance found only in Mother Nature, weed out the stems and seeds that you don't need....<br />
<br />
MMmmmm.... drink a pint of tea a day.....

I like the sweet tea version. Delicious.

Chamomile! Yay for tea!

Never heard of it! Is it an American T?<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Well,I am going for a Bushell's cuppa now!<br />
<br />
Black and two!

As a tea fanatic myself (haha yes! go tea!), I've heard of honest tea but never tried it. I guess a part of me is more dedicated to hot fresh-brewed tea....<br />
<br />
But the way you talk about honest tea makes me want to try it!