Tea Is Great

I went to a tea class at an apothecary in Ashland, OR once where I got this great recipe for rootbeer tea, except I lost it.  I prefer roots to leaves most of the time. Traditional Medicinals has a great camomile lavender tea that is great before bed.  A fruity black tea is always fun with friends.  Experimenting with your own blends can also be fun.  Most natural food stores have bulk herbs if you're town doesn't have an apothecary.  In the summer, there are lots of medicinal herbs you can pick on routine hikes if you know what you're looking for.  I enjoy picking St. John's wort flowers and making sun tea.  A little honey and you're good to go.
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I love tea as well.<br />
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I would love to learn more about herbs, and use them to make tea, and other healthy things :)